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This is not a Drill

Extinction Rebellion


This is not a Drill

Review by:

Megan Byrom

8 May 2021

‘This is not a drill’ is a collection of short essays, written by different members of Extinction Rebellion, a global protest movement that is fighting for climate action and climate justice. Featuring its academics and organisers, ‘This is not a drill’ describes the development of the Extinction Rebellion movement, its ongoing plans and foundational beliefs.

Agree with them or not, Extinction Rebellion are one of the biggest protest groups today, which makes this a great choice for students wishing to pursue HSPS. whilst a politically contentious issue today, with the UK government wishing to exert pressure on their forms of ‘open rebellion', the book also engages with different theoretical considerations that are found through the different papers in HSPS.

Perhaps obviously, ‘This Is Not a Drill’ explicitly deals with the notion of the ‘the Anthropocene’ and the climate crisis. In doing so they continue to condemn state centric governance ,capitalism, colonialism, and most of the structures in which modern life is built, leading to existential questions on how we face increasing global challenges from climate change.

The book also delves into deeper questions and themes found within the social sciences. From ideas of Gandhian non-violence as its effectiveness to the tactics used in protest movements, Extinction Rebellions book engages critical ideas within HSPS.

I first read ‘this not a drill’ in my first year, specifically in my international relations paper, but found it incredibly significant due to its relevance in the discipline and across my other papers.

“We act on behalf of life” is Extinction Rebellions call to action and I believe it collates the core message of the movement, and it is this message that is having global impacts and creating political consequences.

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