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Essay competition

The Oxbridge Launchpad is excited to announce that our annual essay competition is now up and running for 2024! We want to provide a writing opportunity with guaranteed feedback from Oxbridge students to help you on your way to making a strong university application, whether that be to Oxbridge or somewhere else. If you are 15-17 years old and attend a UK state school we would love for you to sign up!

How does it work?

What's in it for me?

  • We have provided a list of questions (see below) for a variety of different subjects. If you don't see one that inspires you, we encourage you to write your own to explore something outside of the usual curriculum - just email to let us know first and we can approve it.

  • Entries are open to UK state school students only, and we can only accept one entry per person.

  • Structure and style are up to you, no need to reference.

  • Suggested word count is ~1500 words, up to a maximum of 1750 words.

  • Please submit your essay as a pdf called 'FirstName_Surname_Subject' by emailing it to by 6pm 1st April. We will review submissions in April and announce winner(s) in May.

  • If you'd like to register your interest and receive reminders, please fill out the form here 

  • Please get in touch using the email listed above if you have any other questions and we will be happy to answer them. Happy writing! 

  • The opportunity to research your subject in depth and practise your essay-writing

  • Material to talk about on your personal statement or in your interview

  • Written feedback on your essay from our team of current Oxbridge students

  • The winning essay(s) will be published on our website, along with the names of the authors of shortlisted essays

  • Strong candidates will have the opportunity to write other short essays to be published in our Oxbridge Intelligence blog, after an editing process with our team of Oxbridge students.


  • A free place on our summer programme for winning essay(s)!


Anthropology - What do you think is the biggest challenge faced by modern anthropologists and why?

Biology - What do you think the biggest breakthrough in biology will be in the 21st century and why? Has it already happened?

Chemistry - ‘The field of chemistry will be essential in solving the world's energy crisis.’ Discuss.  

Classics - ‘No other ancient culture has left a more notable impression on the culture of today than the ancient Greeks.’ Discuss. 

Computer Science - Will digital intelligence ever replace biological intelligence?

Economics - ‘Billionaires should be banned.’ Discuss.

Engineering - ‘Engineers will be the ones to solve the climate crisis.’ Discuss

Literature - Should we study texts that offend?

Geography - ‘The study of geography is the key to solving the climate crisis.’ Discuss.

History - Can history be objective?

Law - Are there too many or too few laws in the UK today?

Linguistics/Philology - ‘There is no such thing as ‘universal grammar’. Discuss.

Management and Business - Pick an organisation you are interested in. What is the current culture and structure like, and how might this have to adapt to the current business environment?

Mathematics - ‘The opportunity to find absolute truths through mathematical proof makes mathematics a subject like none other.’ Discuss.

Medicine - What area of medicine do you believe is the most under researched? Why is this the case?

Philosophy -  Does it really matter whether we have a free will or not?

Physics - ‘Developments in the field of quantum mechanics has the potential to fundamentally change the world in the near future.’ Discuss.

Politics - Corruption will always be an issue in politics, there is nothing voters can do to prevent it.’ Discuss.

Psychology - ‘Emotion cannot be quantified.’ Discuss.

Theology and Religion - ‘It is arrogant to call oneself an atheist.’ Discuss.

If you are looking for some inspiration please have a look at some of our 2023 winning essays!

Deadline is 6pm on April 1st, 2024, so get writing!

Any further questions, contact

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