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Wish you had insider knowledge?

Let one of our experienced mentors put you on to the road to success. Apply below for personal, current and honest advice from current Oxbridge students studying your subject.

Our Mentoring Scheme

Our free mentoring scheme will connect you directly to one of our experienced, handpicked mentors who can help you build the perfect Oxbridge application. 

We will pair you up with one of our undergraduate mentors in your chosen subject. Through 1-to-1 weekly sessions you'll have access to the best advice on each component of the application process. This includes: reading list advice, personal statement guidance, admissions test preparation, mock interview practice and much more. 

If you're still not convinced, meet our wonderful mentors below!


Our criteria are simple

Year 12 Student applying to Oxbridge? 
Attend a state school in the uk? 
GOOD academic track record? 
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A quick snapshot of what our students say about us


"Amazing! Very personal experience, tailored specifically to suit you. No other webinar or workshop I have attended delivers anything this good! Completely different to anything else I have attended and goes into more detail about the elements of the process that I find scariest. Would definitely recommend The Oxbridge Launchpad to anyone looking to reach their full potential at university".


Meet our mentors

Our mentors are experienced, committed and handpicked for the job. Mentors are matched with students applying for their subject so that students can get the most accurate and bespoke advice. Our mentors are all volunteers and as such really want to see you succeed.

Meet Our Mentors

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Empower the next generation of students. 

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